Best Burger in San Francisco ?


With that number of breads, patties, toppings, sauces and sides to choose from, you could probably eat there every week of your life and never have the same order. Pretty impressive !
- San Francisco bites
The meat comes from butcher Ruby and White's : the buns are artisan ciabatta; ingredients are locally sourced - no wonder this is the best place to eat burgers in San Francisco !
- the independent
The Billy Burger is, in fact, the burger king when it comes to offering the best food of its kind in San Francisco.
I can't name a better burger in the city ... and with a good soundtrack to eat to, always good music in here. We were definitely two stuffed and happy customers.
- San Francisco Eating Adventures
There will always be demand for great burgers and the Billy Burger serves the best burgers in SF.
- SF Culture
I thought I would start with the best of the best. The Billy Burger like getting a McDonals but 100,000,000 times better.
- Abigail's Food blog